Annabelle Tok is a fashion designer and photographer from Singapore and currently living in New York. Her strong urge to reinvent traditional perceptions is seen through her philosophical explorations - that arguably evoke poetic sensibility for non-conformists who care about emotion and thought in design. Being physically and mentally uprooted, she reconnects with family, environment, wildlife and prehistoric narratives by materializing spiritual quests. She probes at a psychedelic conscience. In this transcendent search, the core of an individual is enlightened by the immense desire to attain, an art piece - a rare possession that the present-day cannot offer.




Fashion Technical Designer, Coach 2019

Featured, Designer | Artist, Picaflor Inc. Playtime, 2019

Performance Artist, Tanya Bonakdar Gallery Exhibition by Artist Laura Lima - Tailor Shop, 2019

Fashion Designer | Art Assistant, Camomile Hixon, 2019

Fashion Textile Designer, EnVogue International, 2019

Fashion Instructor, Sewing in Soho, 2019

Assistant Designer, Kim Dunham, 2018

Featured, FashionUnited, 2018

Featured, The Collective x Designow, 2018

Featured, The Collective x Designow, 2017

Partnership, Assemble x Hugo Boss, 2018

Fashion Design Menswear Intern, Thom Browne, 2017

Photography and Film:

Designer | Film Editor, Nova Scott James Film, 2019

Creative Director | Photographer, Kaila Love Music, 2019


Winner | Artist, Youth Olympic Games, 2010

Artist, Artwork Exhibited at Hunger Project Auction, Straits Times Singapore, 2010

Artist | Silver Award, Straits Times Singapore (Pameran Poskad Competition), 2010

Curator | Ambassador, National Singapore Arts Museum, 2010

Artist, Artwork Exhibited at Future of the City Exhibition, 2009



email: annabellettn@gmail.com

instagram: annabellettn_dotcom